How to flirt with guys over text

What you must keep in mind when texting a guy is that the seen zone could mean a lot of things. However, if you notice that he hides from you, it means that he doesn’t like you. A man who wants a woman will be there, even if he knows there might be a confrontation.


When you don’t see him

A man who disappears from your life cannot be convinced to come back by sending a text. As a matter of fact, sending them messages may make them want to avoid you even more. Men need space even if they don’t say it, and when they whoosh away, you can find someone new in virtual space when you download apps for sex dates. Here are some general tips for sex dating, to increase your chance to success.

When he doesn’t hold his phone often

Assess your potential sex dating partner. If he holds his phone often, you can expect that the lines for communication are open. However, if you text him and he doesn’t reply for a long time, like the next day, he might be busy or not interested. Don’t keep on texting even if it is tempting.

But, if he seldom used his phone, it might be useless to send flirty texts as he won’t respond right away or it might not be the right way to send him a message. For all you know, he might prefer to chat online instead of texting. He also might be the kind who doesn’t like texting at all. If the man doesn’t like texting, you might as well go see him.

Be light and breezy

Start with a light-hearted note. If you are into texting, you might get the response you want by sending a subtle message. There are sexy lines that can trigger the mind of a guy to build up his desire. When you are too direct, it might be a turn-off.

There are flirty lines that are scripted. These sexy texts are commonly used. Maybe the guy that you like has read that message before. Be original and go with the flow, continuing from the moment that you last met.

Send a message at the right time

You need to keep in mind that the guy might be busy. Most people need to work, and texting them during office hours is not correct as you will disturb their concentration. They also might not be allowed to use their phones for personal matters while they are on the job.

Text at the right time. No one wants to wake up early in the morning because they hear a text notification. No one wants to get a text in the middle of the night just when they are drifting off to sleep. Make sure you have an idea of the sleep routine of the man you are texting, so you won’t be disturbing their much-needed rest.

Seriously searching for a mate

If you haven’t met the right one yet, it’s time to do some serious searching instead of flirt texting. Look for that special someone in the right place by joining one of the most popular apps for online dates. You can also send flirty messages to get someone turned on when you use one of the best apps for sex dates.